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Brainiac Services has moved on

In 1999, the Internet Service Provider brainiac services, inc. sold its customers to eFortress, which was sold in 2001 to Earthlink. Some of its customers have been moved to Prism.Net, a Rhode Island based ISP.

If you're looking to purchase the domain name, sorry, but it's not for sale. It's still used by its owners and former customers for email, and there are still websites hanging off it - just not here at the main address.

If you really, really think you NEED, it is available for lease or licensing. The details are here.

Thanks to all our customers and friends who have been so helpful over the years.

Here are links to some of the things we've moved on to: - an Internet radio broadcast

Frosty Drew Observatory - a public observatory in Charlestown, RI - A review of the Meade ETX telescope and accessories

The Fantasy Trip mailing list - a mailing list and online archives for the Metagaming RPG - Games via email